Why a Potato Ricer is a Must Have in the Kitchen

potato ricer


While the trends in kitchen gadgets come and go, one item in particular stands strong. The potato ricer, used thousands of years ago, continues to be a must have for kitchens throughout the world. Easy to use, and helping to create many delicious meal items; it is one of the best gadgets to have inside your kitchen drawer. Find out what it is and what you’re able to make while using it.


What is a Potato Ricer?


A potato ricer is a utensil with a shallow cylinder basket with small openings on the bottom. This is connected to a handle, while there is a second handle that is used as a plunger. When the potatoes have been steamed and softened, place them inside the basket. Press the handles together so that the plunger goes inside the basket and creates long strands of potatoes from the openings on the bottom of the basket.


Potatoes that have been riced are light, fluffy and have an even texture compared to those that are mashed. The steam from the potatoes evaporates, making the potatoes dryer and able to be formed into whatever shapes you wish.


What Can I Make with a Potato Ricer?




Potato ricers, commonly referred to as potato mashers, can be used for a wide assortment of food tasks.


  • One of the most known is mashed potatoes. If you want thick, creamy and fluffy potatoes, using the ricer can provide the right texture and flavor.
  • Babies that are not able to fully eat solid foods can benefit from having certain fruits and veggies steamed, and then mashed in the ricer. The strands can be collected, stirred and then fed to the baby when cooled.
  • Take the water out of spinach and other leafy greens. Draining water should be done when eating certain vegetables, and by using the potato masher, you’re able to easily and quickly drain the water and enjoy the food.
  • Juice fruits or other vegetables using the ricer. Squeeze the softer, steamed items and collect the juice that comes from the potato masher, much like you would with a juice press.
  • Rice sweet potatoes or pumpkin to make a delicious, smooth pie.
  • Tomato sauce is easily made using the ricer by steaming, and then squishing it. Apple sauce can be made the same way.
  • Gnocci is made using a potato ricer. They are made into small circles out of the potato rice and then baked to a certain temperature.
  • Potato smiles, and other shaped potatoes are made using potato ricers.


One of the best things about potato ricers is their ability to extract the insides of the steamed product, while leaving the skin behind. No longer peel the items for hours, just squish the soft item down and use the riced food for the needs that you have. The potato ricer is an essential part of any home’s kitchen since it provides a way to have delicious food in a matter of seconds without the hard work that goes into some of the other utensils.

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